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Commander Tournament June 3rd and 4th

Commander Tournament June 3rd and 4th

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  • Description

    This is admission to the Commander Tournament to be held on June 3rd and 4th, 2023 at Frank and Son located at 17835 Gale Ave in the City of Industry.  This tournament is presented by Cash Cards Unlimited and Frank and Son. 

    The entry fee is $200 per person and will be limited to the first 250 participants. 

    All participants will receive a goodie bag that contains 2 MTG Streets of New Capenna Collector Packs along with numerous other items from our sponsors WhatNot, Troll and Toad, Ludex and more.  The 3 top finalists will share a $30,000 prize pool of MTG Products based on their final position.

     The prize pool will include:

    1st Place

         Unlimited Black Lotus

         Foil Metal Worker

         MTG Mystery Cube

         Commander Slab:  Angus Mackenzie

         Liliana Statue valued at $1,800

    2nd Place


         TBA From Trollx

         Commander Slab: SliverQueen

    3rd Place

         Promo Gaea's Gradle

         2 Ikoria Collector Booster Boxes

         Commander Slab:  Edgar Markov

    4th Place

         Imperial Seal PTK


    Monarch Standard Tournament Operating Procedures


    • 75 minute rounds. Timed by the score-keeping staff and this information will always be available.
    • All players will play at Competitive Rules Enforcement Level
      • This system is strict, but can be understood as “The rules cannot be bent or broken.” 
      • Casual agreements like taking more than one free mulligan, allowing a player to fix not having lands, etc, are not allowed to keep gameplay consistent.
      • Try to gain practice not having triggers missed, not having priority skipped, and practice with your deck.
    • Calling judges/expectation to call a judge
      • Simply raise hand, keep it up, and loudly and clearly say “judge.” Keep hand raised until the judge reaches you
      • Call a judge on your own mistakes, your opponent’s mistakes, your concerns, your questions, or even if your gut just says so
    • Squirebot is a software we have developed that runs our tournaments and tells you your schedule/match up and table number
      • It functions through discord and will alert you to needed tournament changes. 
      • Most of this will function automatically
    • Two day tournament format. 
      • 6 rounds of Swiss play. 
      • Then Semi’s and Finals 
      • "Swiss” means that we will always try to pair you with people who have the same level of tournament success as you, we look at match points, win percentage, seeding, etc. so far in the tournament.
      • Sat will have four Swiss rounds, Sunday will have two.
      • Then there will be a cut to top 16 in four pods.
      • Players will be seated with respect to their standings. (#1 goes first, #5 goes second, #9 goes third, etc)
      • The winner of each of those pods will play in the finals.
    • Extra turns at time
      • Once time is called, the turn it currently is will be played out, then each player will get one more turn. If no winner is decided after the final of those extra turns, the game is a draw. All pods after Swiss play are un-timed as guaranteed winners are needed.
    • The overall champion will be the winner of the finals match, the remaining players in the finals match will be awarded 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in the tournament based on their total points and seeding from Swiss play.
    • Point structure during Swiss play 
      • Winning gets you five points 
      • Drawing gets you one 
      • Losing gets you zero
    • Tardiness Policy
      • If you are beyond one minute late to your match, you will skip your first turn. 
      • If you are beyond ten minutes late to your match, you will lose the round.


    We will not allow Proxies! But we will have this short list of play test cards that can be used in the tournament and returned to the judges after the tournament ends.”



    Chains of Mephistopheles
    Bazaar of Baghdad
    Mishra’s Workshop
    The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale
    Tropical Island
    Underground Sea
    Volcanic Island

    The tournament schedule will be:



    Public Open         10:00

    Player's Meeting  10:15

    Round 1                10:30

    Round 2                12:00

    Lunch                     1:30

    Round 3                  2:30

    Round 4                  4:00

    Venue Close           6:00


    Public Open           10:00

    Round 5                  10:30

    Round 6                  12:00

    Lunch                       1:30

    Semifinals                2:30

    Grand Finals            4:00

    Venue Close             6:00 


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