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CCG Select Charizard Champion Mystery Box (Pokemon)

Sealed, 80 In stock
  • Description

    CCG Select Charizard Champion Mystery Box offers an exciting new way to find and collect Charizard and other awesome packs from the history of Pokemon. Graded Charizards, Vintage Packs, Ultra Rare never know what you'll find when you open one of these awesome Champion Boxes! 

    CCG Select offers a superior and fun alternative to other Pokemon mystery products on the market! Purchase one of their amazing products and find out what separates them from the rest of the pack. 

    Charizard Champion Box includes: 

    (1) Charizard Pokemon card (from any era of Pokemon) encased in a beautiful One-Touch Magnetic Card Holder OR a Graded Charizard (PSA, BGS, or CGC).
    (3) Pokemon Booster Packs (Packs will be selected from various pools from the entire history of Pokemon including BASE SET) 

    Be on the lookout for Vintage and Chase Packs, as well as coveted graded 10 Charizards and graded Vintage Charizards! 


    ***Packs and cards randomly inserted. Packs and cards shown on box may not be contained within.***

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